Tue 02 April 2019

Add 17 Mobile Fleet Units, Bankaltimtara Targets 100 Percent SimPel Savings Increase.

PT Kaltim-Kaltara Regional Development Bank (Bankaltimtara) is adding a service pick-up fleet for Student Savings Products (Simpel). As many as 17 units of Daihatsu Grand Max which become the Simple Savings fleet will be distributed to all Bankaltimtara branch offices in East Kalimantan and Kaltara. This submission took place in the Bankaltimtara parking page on Monday (1/4/2019).

Bankaltimtara's Managing Director, Zainuddin Fanani, said that the 17 Simple Savings fleets completed 20 units of the existing fleet. With the addition of this new fleet, Bankaltimara is confident, the collection of Third Party Funds (DPK) from Simple Savings can increase up to 100 percent.

"With 20 fleets, our achievements in 2018 can be up to 185 percent. If you double the fleet, I think the 100 percent target will be achieved," Zainuddin said.

For your information, Simple Savings Deposit in Bankaltimtara at the end of 2018 reached Rp 94 billion. "This is a big opportunity and becomes a motivation to further improve that achievement," he said again.

With the addition of this new fleet, Zainuddin hopes that more schools in East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan will become participants of the Simple Savings at Bankaltimtara. It is known, this fleet will go to schools to pick up student savings.

"The potential of Simple Savings is already there. Just picking up the results is actually true. So, this fleet needs to be able to reach unreachable places. At least increase capacity," said Zainuddin.

Moreover, with this additional fleet, the Bankaltimtara function provides financial education and literacy to students from an early age. In addition to collecting savings while visiting school, the Savings Simpel fleet also explained the importance of saving, as well as knowledge about banking to students.

"We introduce new emission money and what the old emission is. Because, it is not impossible, when they grow up, they will probably rarely see cash. Because all transactions are non-cash. We introduce what the bank is, the importance of saving and planning for the future." Zainuddin explained.