Fri 26 April 2019

Bankaltimtara Doing RUPS 2018 Year Book

Located at Balikpapan Platinum Hotels, Bankaltimtara held a General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) led by East Kalimantan Governor Dr. H Isran Noor in Balikpapan on Thursday (04/25/2019).

The GMS for 2018 Book Schedule a report on the implementation of the supervisory duties of the board of commissioners during 2018 and the submission of material about Bankaltimtara's management by the President Commissioner.

The Bankaltimtara GMS is routinely held once a year as the submission of reports and evaluations of the Directors and Management of Bankaltimtara to the regional government as shareholders.

The annual routine activities of Bankaltimtara shareholders were attended by regents and mayors throughout East Kalimantan and Kaltara.