Tue 30 April 2019

Bankaltimtara Get It 2019 TOP BUMD Award

The award ceremony for Top Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) was held by Top Bussiness Magazine with the Asia Bussiness Research Center. Top BUMD activities have been held continuously every year. This award was filtered from 1,149 BUMDs throughout Indonesia.

Then it was selected to be 200 finalist BUMDs. Of the finalists as many as 162 finalist BUMDs followed the complete assessment process. The number of participants this year increased by 10 percent, compared to last year which was only followed by 130 BUMDs that followed the assessment process completely.

PT Bankaltimtara again won the award as Top BUMD 2019 (best all criteria), besides that it also won the TOP BPD BUKU II 2019 award, and the 2019 Top BUMD CEO. As the Top BUMD, awards were also given to the governors of East Kalimantan and Kaltara. Because, the success of BUMD is inseparable from the role, contribution and support of the head of the government. So that in total East Kalimantan managed to get five awards.

East Kalimantan Governor Isran Noor said his party would certainly continue to propose something to Bankaltimtara. However, all proposals must match the needs of the people of East Kalimantan. In East Kalimantan, many BUMDs have to follow Bankaltimtara's example. Of the many BUMDs in Bumi Etam, Bankaltimtara which runs very well, just how to maintain it and continue to improve performance.

"East Kalimantan has received this award three times. Of course this must be replicated by other BUMDs on Bumi Etam, "he said to the Kaltim Post, after receiving the award as the 2019 BUMD coach, at the Golden Ballroom of The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (30/4).

According to him, with Bankaltimtara often getting awards is expected to trigger other BUMDs to work better. So that it can contribute better to sustainable economic development in East Kalimantan.

"Bankaltimtara only has to maintain and improve. While other BUMDs still need to struggle harder to make improvements in managing their business, "he concluded.

Simultaneously, Kaltara Governor Irianto Lambrie said that PT Bankaltimatara was established by the East Kalimantan government. At that time his party had been a supervisory board in the bank, before becoming a PT. So that they understand the development of Bankaltimtara enough.

"Indeed, on the one hand, we must be proud that Bankaltimara has the third largest asset in Indonesia with a very good performance," he said.

He explained, Bankaltimtara had indeed received several BUMDs for several times, but not to be complacent. Must continue to improve performance, because competitors also continue to strengthen themselves.

"We in the region must also strengthen our competitiveness base, both from the aspect of HR, business strategy, and the development of deposits and credit," he said.

According to him, banks have intense competition, especially Bankaltimara as an agent of regional development. They not only work profitably, but also their main task is to develop East Kalimantan and Kaltara. Bankaltimtara's management must be able to maintain this good performance while at the same time increasing the professionalism of its managers.

"We are a new province, the budget is small if it is managed poorly, it is chaotic. With finance regulated by professionals, this area will quickly develop, "he concluded.