Discourse to establish Usaha Syariah Bankaltimtara Unithas evolved since the issuance of UU no. 10 of 1998 which provides an opportunity for conventional banks to establish business units syariah, then the discourse is getting stronger by the existence of Fatwa Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) tentang Bunga Bank Tahun 2003 and the issuance of PBI 8/3/PBI/2006 which allows the opening of syariah services at conventional branches.

Bankaltimtara Syariah officially started operations on December 27th, 2006 based on the license of Bank Indonesia 8/7/DS/Smr. Establishment of syariah business unit is a dream that has long proclaimed by all ranks of Bankaltimtara. After approximately one month soft opening, then on January 30th, 2007 held a Grand Opening event of Bankaltimtara Syariah formally introduce Bankaltimtara Syariah presence to the public.

Bankaltimtara Syariah with the motto "Solutions Brings Blessings" located at Achmad Yani office at street number 31, occupies a 3-storey shop building is designed with a mix of green and beige. Currently Bankaltimtara Syariah strengthened by 21 personnel. 10 people in Syariah Business Unit and 11 people in Syariah Samarinda branch office.

The presence of Bankaltimtara Syariah is expected to spur economic growth and encourage the real sector so that its presence can bring wealth and prosperity for all people in East Kalimantan in general.