Bankaltimtara SMS

The advantage of using Bankaltimtara SMS

  • Easy to transact anywhere, anytime
  • Convenient and efficiency without having to queue at the teller/ATM
  • Obtaining SMS commands and answers form that can be stored in the phone


Features of SMS Bankaltimtara

  • Move Books
  • Balance Information
  • Information of last 3 transactions/Account Movements
  • Info on last interest rate
  • The purchase of refill pulse
  • Payment of the mobile phone bill (postpaid)

Keyword Transaction

1Balance InformationSALDO 
SALDO (space) No. Rekening 
For balance information from the Main Account that Bankaltimtara SMS has registered / from another account in 1 CIF
2Information TransactionTRANSAKSI
TRANSAKSI (space) No. Rekening 
Used for transaction info
3Information Interest RateBUNGADisplay Savings and Deposits interest rates

KIRIM (space) Nomor Rekening Tujuan (spaceJumlah Dana (spaceNews

Maximum 30 Character News
5Buy Prepaid Voucher

BELI (space) TSEL (space) Nominal Voucher

BELI (spaceTSEL (spaceNo. Handphone Tujuan (spaceNominal Voucher

BELIXL (space) Nominal Voucher (spaceKode Paket

BELIXL (space) No. Hp Tujuan (space) Nominal Voucher (space) Kode Paket



6Pay Postpaid Card BillsBAYAR (space) TSEL/XL No.Handphone
7Postpaid Card Bill Notification ListDAFTAR (space)  No. Handphone

Aplication Bankaltimtara Android