BPDNet Online

BPDNet Online

BPDNet Online is a delivery channel network managed by ARTAJASA and can only be used by BPD throughout Indonesia to provide services to customers / non customers in order to conduct transactions between BPD

BPDNet Online feature

  • Cash deposit at teller
  • Bookkeeping at the teller
  • Transfer to another BPD at the teller
  • Receive transfer from another BPD

Terms of Online BPDNet

  • Maximum transaction nominal IDR. 100 Million
  • Cost IDR. 25 Thousand / transaction
  • Products served are savings and current accounts
  • BPDnet Online service does not provide facilities for cancellation of transactions or corrections (reversal)
  • Any non-cash deposit, online payment depositors of BPDnet must be the direct owner of the account and can not be represented / empowereda