Cash Collateral Loan

Cash Collateral Loan

Collateral Cash Loans are Loans secured by collateral in the form of deposits and / or other cash deposit deposits.

Advantages of Cash Collateral Loan

  • Freely used for consumptive purposes
  • Fast & easy process and light credit requirements
  • 2% Yearly Interest Rate on Deposit Interest and / or Savings Interest
  • Free of Provision Fee
  • Installment payment facility through autodebet
  • The term is flexible according to the debtor's wishes
  • Type of flexible installment, monthly installment or simultaneously on due date

Requirements of Cash Collateral Loan

  • Fill out the credit application form
  • Personal Identity (individual) / Business Legality (company)
  • Photocopy of Bilyet deposits

Regulations of Cash Collateral Loan

  • Interest Type is Sliding and is calculated at 2% above the deposit and / or savings rate.
  • Maximum Credit Plafond is IDR2.500.000.000, - (duamilyar five hundred million rupiahs) and amounting to IDR50.000.000, - (fifty million rupiahs).
  • Collateral Coverage of Collateral at a minimum of 105% of the nominal value for the same currency and Minimum 115% of the nominal for different valut.
  • The loan period is flexible according to the needs of the debtor.