Co Branding Credit Card

Definition of Co Branding Credit Card

Credit Card Co-Brand Bankaltimtara is a card issued by Bank Mandiri under the license of Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited with Bankaltimtara as Credit Card Marketers.

Excellence of Co Branding Credit Card

  • Power Buy: 0% installment facility with up to 24 month period, for electronic product expenditure at Hypermart and merchant / shop in cooperation with Mandiri Power Buy
  • Power Discount: Offers special rates at hotels, restaurants and shopping malls / stores that work with Mandiri
  • Power Buy: Take advantage of various exciting offers from the "Shopping" catalog for exclusive products at special prices
  • Power Bill: A program that provides easy monthly billing payment by using Credit Card, for example: Telkom (Flexy, Speedy), Excelcomindo (Xplor), Firstmedia, PLN (Java, Indovision, M2V, Telkomsel (Halo Card)
  • Kabelvisio, IM2, Indosat (Matrix, IM3, Broadband, Star one), and so forth
  • E-Billing: Through e-billing, cardholders can obtain credit card billing information more easily and easily via email

Regulations of Co Branding Credit Card

  1. Genaral Requirement
    • Bankaltimtara coustomer
    • Potential age of card holder 21-70
    • Minimum income for classic & gold is IDR5Million, platinum IDR25 Billion
    • Have at least 1 fixed phone number
    • Collectibility smoothly based on BI IDI information
    • Setting limits based on acceptance accepting
  2. Specially Recommended Marketing
    • Divided into recommendations for employees and fund customers
    • Setting a limit based on the acceptance of surrogate income (ie the position of funds or loans)
    • Recommendations are given by authorized Bankal officials (MSME & Consumer Division)
  3. Document Requirements :
 Employees / Government Officials & TNI / POLRI
Photocopy of ID / Passport***
Original or Copy of Salary Slip / Proof of Tax Payment / Other documents showing income
Original or Copy of Proof of Tax Payment / Newspaper / Savings Account Last 3 Months or other Document showing income
Photocopy of Practice License
Photocopy of SIUP / TDP and Akta of Establishment and its amendments
Fill mandatory data and wet signature on the application of Credit Card Co Brand Bankaltimtara completely***

 Type of Credit Card Co Brand Bankaltimtara :

  1. Platinum Card
  2. Gold Card
  3. Classic Card