Consumptive Berkah

Definition of Konsumtif Berkah

Special financing for the Center PNSD and civil servants are already cooperating with skim pattern Murabaha (sale and purchase Agreement) and multiservice Ijarah (lease Agreement) with a margin of mutual benefit.

Advantages of Konsumtif Berkah

  • Low credit terms and Fast credit processing
  • Margin of mutual benefit.
  • Long Term Credit Period
  • Patternah Murabaha scheme (Trading Agreement) and Ijarah Multijasa (rent lease contract)

Requirements of Konsumtif Berkah

  • Fill Application Application
  • FC KTP applicant husband / Wife, FC family card, FC marriage certificate / divorce or certificate of unmarried
  • FC BPD Kaltim saving account
  • Payroll list Last month
  • The certificate has no financing in other banks and local cooperatives.
  • Letter of Recommendation from the head of institution / institution / company
  • KARPEG, KARIP, SK 80%, 100%, SK Last and Taspen.

Conditions of Konsumtif Berkah

  • Provision of special financing facilities granted to the Center PNSD and civil servants who have been working with the bank.
  • Maximum financing period of 15 (fifteen) years
  • A maximum of 25 x salary gross ceiling
  • Administrative fee of at least 0.75% - 1% of the financing plafond and collected 1 (one) time on disbursement of financing
  • Must take life insurance and layoffs