Corporate Governance



Improving the quality of the implementation of Corporate Governance is one of the efforts to strengthen the banking industry. The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) requires a long step in implementing its principles, which in the process will instill values that will essentially form a new cultural process in managing the company. Recognizing the importance of this process PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara as a company whose core business is closely related to Local Government and has a big role in encouraging the local economy to apply the principles of Good Corporate Governance that is transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency and fairness becomes an absolute necessity for business activities of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara.

To support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance to become a culture in managing the company, PT. BPD Kaltim Kaltara conducts self assessment by evaluating 11 factors that become benchmarks in GCG implementation such as Implementation of Duties and Responsibilities of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors, Completeness and Implementation of Committee Duties, Handling Conflict of Interest, Implementation of Bank Compliance Function, Implementation of Internal and External Audit Function, Implementation of Risk Management and Internal Control Functions, Provision of Funds to Related Parties and Large Exposures, Transparency of Bank Financial & Non Financial Conditions.

Evaluation of the main points that become an assessment indicator needs to be done to know the weaknesses of GCG implementation. The results of self assessment provide a general description related to the implementation of good corporate governance in each year. On the basis of such assessment the bank can follow up any deficiencies by making improvements gradually.

PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara in implementing GCG principles requires commitment from all organs of the bank, ranging from RUPS, Supervisory Board, Directors, Executive Officers and all levels of the organization. Commitment and awareness are needed to continue to maintain a good governance system to become a culture for the long-term sustainability of the company. PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara believes that the implementation of good corporate governance will provide benefits such as increasing public trust, improving performanceand efficiency of the bank and able to provide added value to shareholders in its mission as a Regional Company by assisting Local Government to improve people's welfare


1. Transparency
Openness in disclosing material and relevant information and openness in carrying out the decision-making process.

2. Accountability
Clarity of functions and implementation of bank organ liability so that its management runs effectively.

3. Responsibility
The suitability of bank management with prevailing laws and regulations and sound bank management principles.

4. Independency
Professional bank management without conflict of interest and influence / pressure from any party.

5. Fairness
Justice and equity in fulfilling the rights of stakeholders arising under the applicable laws and regulations.


Implementation of Good Corporate Governance by PT. BPD Kaltim Kaltara aims to:

  • Maximizing the value of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara by applying the principles: transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, and fairness, in order to have strong competitiveness.
  • Improve the performance of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara, protect the interests of stakeholders and improve compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as ethical values generally accepted in the banking industry.
  • Realizing the management system of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara professional with characterized work according to the values and behavior of employees of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara.
  • Increasing the independence and endurance of BPD Kaltara Kaltara organ against the influence and practices that are contrary to the principles of good corporate governance.



RUPS is the organ of the Bank which holds the highest authority in the Bank and holds all powers which are not submitted to the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board.

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) and other General Meeting of Shareholders (Other Shareholders). Annual GMS are held at least once a year, held no later than 6 (six) months after the fiscal year ends while the other GMS is a GMS outside the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which may be held at any time as deemed necessary.


The Board of Commissioners is an organ of the Bank which oversees the implementation of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, and provides advice to the Board of Directors.

Committees established by the Board of Commissioners

  • Audit Committee
  • Risk Monitoring Committee
  • Remuneration and Nomination Committee


The Board of Directors is the organ of the Bank to take full responsibility for managing the Bank's interests and objectives of the Bank and represent the Bank both in and out of court in accordance with the provisions. In order to carry out its functions the Board of Directors has established:

  • Risk Management Committee
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Risk Management Work Unit
  • The Compliance Work Unit


Corporate culture is a set of norms, values and assumptions, which are believed to exist, and are shared in a company or work environment owned by an individual employee / working group within the enterprise. Corporate culture is not intended as coercion

changes in personal attitude patterns but rather a guidance for the application of a positive and strong working lifestyle. Corporate culture of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara is the attitude and behavior of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara, which must be reflected by the attitude and behavior of its employees in achieving its mission. Attitudes and behavior is a reflection of the assumptions, values, and norms that exist in the environment BPD Kaltim Kaltara where employees work. Corporate Culture PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara is expected to be a Working Ethos that must have the support of every employee to perform consciously in order to achieve the company's mission. Because of its existence is very important in the company it needs to be formally and in writing to be a common reference across the whole organizational level into a corporate culture value that is:

Six main value PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara:

  1. Championship, is having a fighting spirit to always be a champion
  2. Creativity, is creative in developing banking products and services
  3. Caring, is to have a high sense of concern for fellow human Bankttimtara
  4. Character, there is character as the basis for the development of reputation, both institutions and individuals
  5. Citizenship, is to have a high sense of responsibility as a good corporate citizen
  6. Customer Focus, is to make the interests of customers as the basis of every business activity