CSR Information


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara is an integral part of serious efforts to implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) which guides corporate governance.

GCG mandates in the third principle of Responsibility that companies must comply with legislation and carry out the responsibility of society and the environment so as to maintain long-term business continuity and be recognized as good corporate citizen through adequate planning and implementation. Hence the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility has an important role for the company, both that have been required by the Act and that is not the case in the banking industry.


VISION Program

Building awareness, harmonization and community independence to support sustainable economic development.


  1. Implement the corporate commitment in an effort to build awareness and economic independence of the community.
  2. Implement social responsibility to the community.
  3. Creating a positive image and corporate reputation to support the achievement of objectives, vision and mission that has been set.
  4. Building a synergistic and harmonious relationship between companies, shareholders and stakeholders to support the sustainability of the company's operations.


  • The implementation of CSR PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara refers to ISO 26000.
  • Based on the core subjects analysis of ISO 26000 mapping the importance of the company's activity in giving attention concerning consumer issues and community involvement and development, the Corporate Social Responsibility program of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara focuses on the following areas:
    1. Financial education
    2. Education
    3. Community economic empowerment
    4. Social activities of the community and youth
    5. Responsive activities (natural disasters, humanitarian, religious, etc.)