• CSR PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara EDUKASI field is implemented based on OJK regulation through Circular Letter of Financial Services Authority Number 1 / SEOJK.07 / 2014 on Implementation of Education in order to Increase Financial Literacy to Consumer and / or Community on 14 February 2014.
  • One of the activities in this Field of Education is the Education Agent.
  • The activities of the Education Agent are arranged with the concept of partnership, in which PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara offers joint program opportunities to students Mulawarman University and University of Borneo Tarakan who will implement the Real Work Lecture Program managed by Lembaga Pengabdia On Masyarakat (LPPM) Mulawarman University and Universitas Borneo Tarakan to become an Education Agent PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara.
  • As an Education Agent, selected KKN groups will conduct socialization both in the form of meetings with the target of education as well as in daily life during the KKN period. This educational material will be delivered and nurtured by CSR BPD PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara.