Emas Berkah

Definition of Emas Berkah

  • Financing Products For Gold Metals Ownership (Akad Murabahah)
  • Financing Products For Short Term Fund / Additional Working Capital With Gold Assurance (Qardh Agreement)

Advantages of Emas Berkah

  • The process is fast, easy and cheap according to the rules
  • consumptive and micro financing
  • Light administration fee
  • Duration is flexible and can be extended
  • Redemption accelerated without penalty
  • Storage and maintenance is safe
  • Disbursement of funds (dropping facilities) can be done through a savings account or current account.
  • Repayment of financing and charging of all expenses is done by:
    • Debiting the customer's account in accordance debit authorization contained in the letter of Syariah’s Pawn contract
    • Depositing a number of specific funds
    • Sell the collateral if it can not pay off
  • Provision of discount as stated in the maintenance fee table when the settlement is accelerated for a maximum financing period of 30 days or less commencing from the date of the transaction.

Requirements of Emas Berkah

  • Fill out the Account Opening Application Form and Agreement As well as Other Support Forms
  • Attach a copy of valid ID / Driving License / Passport / Passport

Terms Emas Berkah

InformationGold InstalmentGold Pawn
Object Financing
Gold LantakanGold Lantakan and Gold Jewerly
Amount of Financing

Minimum : 5 Gram

Maximum : 150.000.000,-

Minimum : 2.000.000,-

Maximum : 250.000.000,-

Mikro Maximum : 50.000.000,-

Time Period2 Year - 5 Year

Maximum 120 Day / 4 Month

Cost Administration1% of Financing Ceiling

< 25 gram = IDR 50.000,-

> 25 gram at an additional charge IDR. 1.000 / gram

Storage and Maintenance Fee

IDR. 4.500,-/ gram per 1 (one) month