Ibroh iB

Excellence of Tabungan Ibroh IB

  • Minimum deposit is affordable
  • Certainty of departure with priority portion
  • Gain a Revenue of 15
  • No monthly administration fee
  • Free of account closing fee
  • Free autodebit facility

Regulations of Tabungan Ibroh IB

  • Intended for individual customers
  • Initial deposit of IDR100.000, -
  • The next minimum deposit of IDR50.000, -
  • Withdrawal / book-entry can only be made after the balance is sufficient for the Umroh departure fee

Requirements of Tabungan Ibroh IB

  • Copy of valid ID / SIM / Passport / KITAS
  • Fill out and sign the application form
  • Fill out the authorization letter of the book entry
  • Fill out the heir appointment form

Cost of Tabungan Ibroh IB

  • No monthly administration fee
  • The cost of closing the account at the request of the customer (if void) IDR100.000
  • Cost of Ibroh iB Tabungan Substitution if damaged / lost IDR15.000