Multipurpose Loan

Multipurpose Loan

Multipurpose loans are credits granted to individuals for various personal purposes (consumptive), covered by sufficient collateral.

Advantages of Multipurpose Loan

  • Freely used for consumptive purposes
  • Fast & easy process and light credit terms
  • Competitive interest with annuity system (interest decreased)
  • Installment payment facility through autodebet
  • Extensive office network throughout East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan

Regulations of Multipurpose Loan

  • Minimum ceiling of Rp. 10,000,000.00 and a maximum ceiling of 2,500,000,000.00
  • Loan To Value up to 70%
  • Maximum credit period of 5 years
  • Acceptable collateral in multipurpose credit (SHM / SHGB / SKMHAT which must be increased to SHM), motor vehicle (BPKB) on behalf of debtor or married couple
  • Specific motor vehicle mortgage maximum age of vehicle until the end of the credit period is 5 years for two wheels and 8 years for wheels 4

Requirements of Multipurpose Loan

  1. Individual Indonesian Citizen and domiciled in Indonesia
  2. Maximum age at the time the credit is fully paid is as follows:
    • Maximum employee retirement age of 60 years or
    • Maximum age of retirement according to age table according to profession and occupation in accordance with the provisions.
    • 65 years for professionals and entrepreneurs
  3. Minimum age 21 (twenty one) years
  4. Can be excluded for the above criteria as long as it can be covered by life insurance by insurance companies. Have a job or business where his income can be verified truthfully by the officer of the Bank.
  5. Work experience / effort of prospective borrowers:
    • Employee with permanent employment status of contract and not employee in probation period, minimum has worked 2 years. Contract employees are allowed as long as there is a cooperation agreement or MOU between the bank and the institution / agency / company where the contract employee works. Especially for contract employee of wellknown company (Multinational company, BUMN, national company Go Public) allowed without MOU. A list of wellknown companies will be issued in separate memos.
    • Employees with civil servant status (PNS) and civil servant candidate (CPNS) are categorized as permanent employees and do not require minimum work experience.
    • Entrepreneur / entrepreneur, has experience in the field of business minimum 2 (two) years in a row and have a verifiable income.
    • Professional: has experience in the field of profession minimum 2 (two) years in a row and have a verifiable income.
  6. Have savings in BANK or willing to open savings in BANK if you do not have and authorize the debit of such account to BANK in order to pay the credit installment obligation.
  7. Submit the documents as per the requirements of the Bank and fill in the application form for credit applications

Interest Rate

1MULTIPURPOSE LOAN15,50%FixedAnuitas