Pangan Sejahtera Loan

Pangan Sejahtera Loan

Pangan Sejahtera Loan is a credit or financing product from Bank to fulfill investment requirement and / or Working Capital given to productive business owned by Individual, Group, Group, Cooperative and / or Business entity engaged in Agricultural Business of Food Crops and Horticulture .

Prosperity of Pangan Sejahtera Loan

  • The credit process is easy and fast
  • Competitive credit interest rates
  • Credit payments via Autodebet
  • Interest Rate Subsidies during the period may be entitled to an Interest During Constructions (IDC) which is an investment fund used for loan interest reserves during the construction period ataugrace period
  • Maximum credit term of 15 (fifteen) years including grace period (4 years).

Regulations of Pangan Sejahtera Loan

  • Prospective debtor is an Individual / Group / Business Cooperative in which there is a member of plasma farmer formed by Core where the debtor candidate has not and / or has produced TBS, medium and / or in development stage and in reflanting stage (rejuvenation).
  • Credit Ceiling Appropriate maximum unit cost of construction per hectare based on Directorate General of Plantation Decree.
  • Maximum 15 years including Grace Period. (IDC maximum for 4 years during grace period)
  • All provisions of Interest rates, Provisions and penalties shall follow the applicable Board of Directors' Decree.
  • Collateral is a fixed asset that can be tied in accordance with the provisions of the Bank and the existence of an avalist of a nucleus company.

Requirements of Pangan Sejahtera Loan

  1. Prospective debtor must fill out the loan application form
  2. Data Applicant Perorang (Farmer):
    • Pass Photo of Husband & Wife (@ 1 sheet - 4 X 6 cm)
    • Debtor ID (husband / wife), if already married
    • Family Card (KK) and Marriage Certificate
    • Deed of Divorce / Letter of Death (for widow / widower)
  3. Data of group request:
    • News of the formation of a group known to the RT and the local kelurahan / Kecamatan local.
    • The farmer group has been registered with the Agricultural Counseling Center (BPP) / Local Related Technical Agency.
    • Group identity in the form of biodata of group member and recorded try in cultivation of commodity of Agriculture of Food Crop or Horticulture.
    • Basic rules of the group agreed and signed by all members.
    • Having an organizational statement with an active board, at least the chairman, secretary and treasurer.
    • Original of a joint statement signed by all members of the group.
    • Have group rules agreed upon by all members.
  4. Cooperative:
    • Cooperative Profile
    • Loan / Financing Proposal
    • Completeness of Legality of Cooperatives among others:
      • Photocopy of the founding deed and / or basic amendment along with SK of Cooperative Endorsement as a Legal Entity.
      • Photocopy of business license to be financed.
      • The composition of the Board and the Supervisory Board known by the relevant SKPD / Dinas.
      • Business Place Permit (SITU) and Trading Business License (SIUP)
      • Company Registration Certificate (TDP).
      • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
      • Photocopy of proof of ownership of office and / or certificate from related Party explaining that Office still hire / Contract.
    • Minutes of RAT for the last 2 (two) fiscal years which shall be attached with the official accountability report which has been ratified.
    • Photocopy of ID card and Cooperative Supervisor. f) Last 2 (two) Financial Statements
  5. Other Data / Documents:
    • Business License / Certificate of business from Sub-District / Sub-District and / or other authorized institutions.
    • Copy of Proof of Warranty Ownership
    • Power of Attorney / Description of the Land Owner in accordance with the proof of ownership which is known to the Sub-District / Sub-District and / or other authorized institutions (for farmers working on other people's land).
    • NPWP for loan> Rp 50 Million.
    • Letter of Cooperation Agreement with Company and / or Cooperative (business partner) if filed with partnership pattern.
    • Standing Instruction (SI)
    • Guarantee (avalist) Company if filed with a partnership pattern.
    • Copy of SPT Pph 21 (if categorized as taxable society in accordance with the prevailing provisions) or the last 6 (six) months Saving / Giro Account.
    • Consultant Planning (Feasibility Study) and Supervision (for Partnership pattern with company) if needed.
    • Financial Statements and Recapitulation of Income, Bon-bon / Receipt of Sales and Purchase or Sales Invoice (transaction document of the debtor).
    • The data / documents listed above can be added and adjusted to the applicable Bank Credit requirements.

Interest Rate

1PANGAN SEJAHTERA LOAN9,00%FloatingAnuitas / Sliding