Perikanan Sejahtera Loan

Perikanan Sejahtera Loan

Perikanan Sejahtera Loan is a credit that is intended for individuals, groups or cooperatives engaged in the field of freshwater, marine and brackishwater fisheries.

Excellence of Perikanan Sejahtera Loan

  • Business actors can be individuals, groups and cooperatives engaged in the sector of freshwater, marine and brackish fisheries
  • Loans granted in the form of Investment Credit and Working Capital Credit
  • Given Grace Period and Interest During Constructions (IDC) during grace period

Requirements of Perikanan Sejahtera Loan

  1. Prospective debtor must fill out the loan application form
  2. Individual Applicant Data
    • Pass Photo of Husband & Wife (@ 1 Sheet - 4 X 6 cm)
    • Copy of identity card (KTP) husband and wife each 2 (two) sheets
    • Copy of Marriage Letter
    • Copy of Family Card (KK)
    • Deed of Divorce / Letter of Death (for widower / widow)
  3. Data of Group Applicant
    • Minutes of the formation of groups known to RT and Village Location
    • Copy of Identity of group members
    • Basic rules of the group agreed and signed by all members
    • Original letters of joint responsibility signed by all members of the group
    • Copy the passbook on behalf of the group
  4. Data of Cooperative Applicant
    • AD / ART Cooperative
    • Copy of legalization of Cooperative as a Legal Entity
    • Minutes of Annual Members Meeting (RAT)
    • The composition of cooperative management known to the Related Office
    • Business Licenses (SIUP, SITU, TDP, NPWP)
    • Other Permits related to the Perikanan sector
  5. Other Data
    • Copy of Savings Book
    • Copy of Proof of ownership of Collateral
    • Copy of Land and Building Tax (PBB)
    • Copy of certificate of land price to be collateral
    • Recommendations from related agencies
  6. Application Research Films (KSS-03).

Regulations of Perikanan Sejahtera Loan

  1. Credit Ceiling
    • A maximum of 70% of the Budget Plan (RAB)
  2. Time period
    • Maximum length is adjusted for one business cycle including grace period if any.
    • Term of KMK for 12 months and can be extended (Revolving).
    • Investment credit period is a maximum of 5 (five) years
    • Interest Rate of Prosperous Fishery Credit

Interest Rate

1PERIKANAN SEJAHTERA LOAN9,00%FloatingAnuitas / Sliding