Prama iB

Excellence of Tabungan Prama iB

  • Obtain souvenirs when opening an account (as long as supplies are still available)
  • Great transaction limit
  • Prizes in the form of cash with a total prize of 1 M
  • Free monthly administration fee
  • Free transaction fees all ATMs & EDCs with ATM Bersama & Prima logo in accordance with applicable regulations

Regulations of Tabungan Prama iB

  • Intended for individual customers
  • Minimum initial deposit of IDR2,500,000
  • The next minimum deposit of IDR10,000
  • Maximum withdrawal is not restricted

Requirements of Tabungan Prama iB


  • Copy of valid ID / SIM / Passport / KITAS
  • Submit NPWP (if any)
  • Not included in BI's national blacklist
  • Fill out and sign the application form

Profit Sharing Ratio Of Tabungan Prama IB

Nominal BalanceNisbah BankNisbah Customer
up to  IDR 2.500.0001000
> IDR. 2.500.000 7129

Limit of Tabungan Prama IB


  • Withdraw cash IDR10.000.000 /day
  • Transfer to fellow BPD Kaltimatara account IDR50.000.000 / day
  • Transfer between Banks IDR25.000.000 / day

DNA Bankaltimtara

  • Prime Debit IDR15.000.000 /day

Cost Tabungan Prama iB

Information With ATM Without ATM
Administrative costs


Closing Fees AccountIDR. 50.000/accountIDR.50.000/account
Fine Balance Below MinimumIDR.10.000/transactionIDR.10.000/transaction 
ATM card replacement fee lost or damaged by customer errorIDR.20.000/card