Sawit Sejahtera Loan

Sawit Sejahtera Loan

Sawit Sejahtera Loan (KSS) is a plantation loan designated to plasma oil palm plantations in East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan and is guaranteed by a core company that has become a debtor and / or bank customer.

Prosperity of Sawit Sejahtera Loan

  • Interest During Constructions (IDC), which is an investment fund used for bungakredit reserves during development or grace period).
  • Maximum credit term of 15 (fifteen) years including grace period.

Regulations of Sawit Sejahtera Loan

  1. Credit ceiling
    • The credit ceiling shall be determined as per cost per hectare applicable in each region according to the provisions of the competent local authority.
    • Per Head of Family (KK) minimum 4 (four) hectares.
    • The determination of per hectare is stipulated in the Decree of the Board of Directors of Bankaltimtara
  2. Cost :
    • Charges to be paid are: Credit provisions, notary fees, administrative fees, interest fees, penalties (in case of late payment), etc.

Requirements of Sawit Sejahtera Loan

  • Prospective debtor is required to fill out the application form of credit Sawit Sejahtera.
  • Each credit application is required to enclose:
    • b.1. Applicant data:
      • Pass Photo of Husband & Wife (@ 1 Sheet - 4 X 6 cm)
      • Copy of identity card (KTP) husband and wife each 2 (two) sheets
      • Copy of Marriage Letter
      • Copy of Family Card (KK)
      • A declaration of domicile or residence in a plantation area to be financed which is known by the local Kelurahan.
    • b.2. Business Data:
      • Business permit issued at least by the local Kelurahan
      • Letter of Agreement on Plasma Cooperation with Core Company
      • Core Company Guarantee (KSS-02)
    • b.3. Other Data:
      • Copy of Bank saving book
      • Copy of proof of ownership of collateral
      • Copy of SPT PBB (if any)
      • Village Information Certificate over the market price of land that becomes collateral
    • b.4. Application Research Films (KSS-03).

Interest Rate

1SAWIT SEJAHTERA LOAN9,00%FloatingAnuitas / Sliding