The Advantage of using Simpeda

  • Obtain Bankaltimtara ATM card
  • Included in National Simpeda lottery
  • Acquire Autodebet facilities
  • The balance of the account is guaranteed by LPS

Regulations of Simpeda

  • A minimum initial deposit of IDR 50.000
  • The next deposit minimum IDR 100.000
  • Interest above the nominal IDR 7.500.000 taxed in accordance with applicable regulations
  • The cost of  replace the card lost and damaged caused by coustomers IDR 15.000
  • The cost a PIN by coustomers IDR 7.500

Requirements of Simpeda


  • Fill out and sign theaccount opening from.
  • Copy of valid KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS
  • Submit NPWP (if have any)
  • Not included in the BI’s black list

Business Entity

  • Fill out and sign the account opening form
  • Copy of Manager’s KTP, NPWP, SIUP, SITU, TDP and AKTA
  • Not included in the BI’s black list

Simpeda Interest Rate

Balance Nominal
Interest Rate
< IDR. 500.000
0,00% per annual
IDR. 500.000 up to < IDR. 45 Million
0,50% per annual
IDR. 45 Million up to < IDR. 100 Million
1,00% per annual
> IDR. 100 Million
1,50% per annual

Simpeda Limitations


  • Cash withdrawal IDR5.000.000/day
  • Transfer to other accounts of Bankaltimtara IDR 30.000.000/day
  • Transfer between Bank minimum of IDR 50.000 and a maximum of IDR 7.500.000/day


  • Debit Prima IDR10.000.000/day

Simpeda Cost

With ATM
Without ATM
Administration FeeIDR. 8.500 /monthIDR. 3.500 /month
Account Closure Fee
IDR.5.000 /account
IDR.5.000 /account
Balance Under Minimum Fines
IDR.5.000 /transactions
IDR.5.000 /transactions