The Advantage of Tabungan SimPel

  • Helping to manage financial discipline
  • The character of saving early on
  • Preparing for the future and introduction of the banking world early on

Regulations for Tabungan SimPel

  • A minimum initial deposit IDR5.000
  • The next deposit minimum IDR1.000
  • A minimum Balance IDR5.000
  • Maximum Balance Unlimited 
  • Balance of interest not given
  • Frequency of cash withdrawalMax. 2 times a month if done in school, withdrawal above 2 times / month can only be executed in Bank.
  • Nominal of cash withdrawal Max IDR250.000/withdrawal, except when the customer wants to close the account then withdrawal above IDR250.000 can only be done in Bank
  • Dormant Account:
    • The account doesn’t transact for 12 consecutive months.
    • When the status of Dormant, the account is charged a penalty fee of IDR1.000/month
    • If the account balance reaches IDR5.000, then the account  will be automatically closed by the system with the closing cost of the account of the remaining balance.

Requirements for Tabungan Simple

  1. Cooperation agreement between School and Bankaltimtara has been made.
  2. Has proof of identity as WN
  3. Status PAUD students, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, madrasah (Ml,MTs,DAN MA), or equal
  4. Under 17 Years old and have no ID
  5. Complete the document, as follows:
    • KTP / SIM / Passport of Parent / Guardian is still valid
    • Family Card / Birth Certificate
    • Student Student Card / Certificate from School
  6. Fill out and sign the application form / application to open a savings account of SimPel approved by the parent / guardian / proxy, containing the following information / information:
    1. Student data and school data, consisting of:
      • Full name
      • Name mother’s
      • Place and date of birth
      • Address home
      • Mobile Phone Numbers
      • School Name
      • Address scholl
      • Level of education
      • NIK / NISN / NIS (tiering)
      • Email address
    2. Data Parent / Guardian, consists of:
      • Name of Parent / Guardian
      • NIK
      • Employment and position of parent / guardian
      • Telephone Number of Parent / Guardian
      • Address of Parent / Guardian
      • Office address
    3. There is an agreement clause from the parent / guardian for opening of account and transaction
    4. School document verification checklist, consisting of:
      • Family Card / Birth Certificate
      • NIK/NISN/NIS
    5. Parents / guardians may authorize the school (designated school officials) or other parties for account opening Tabungan SimPle.

Tabungan SimPle Costs

  • Administrative costs are not charged
  • Closing Fees Account IDR5.000
  • Dormant account penalty fee IDR1.000/Month