SimPel iB

Excellence of Tabungan Simple IB

  • Helping to manage financial discipline
  • Form the character of saving early on
  • Preparing for the future and introduction of the banking world early on

Regulations of Tabungan Simple IB

  • Initial Deposit: IDR5,000, -
  • More Deposit: IDR1,000, -
  • Minimum Balance: IDR5,000, -
  • Maximum Balance: Unlimited
  • Interest Rate: Not given
  • Frequency of Cash Withdrawal: Max. 2 times a month if done in school, withdrawal above 2 times / month can only be executed in Bank
  • Nominal Cash Withdrawal: Max. IDR250.000 / withdrawal, except when the client wants to close the account, the withdrawal above IDR250,000 can only be done in Bank
  • Dormant Account:
    • The account does not transact for 12 consecutive months
    • When the status of Dormant, the account is charged a penalty fee of IDR1,000 per month
    • If your account balance reaches <= IDR5,000, then the account will be automatically closed by the system with the closing cost of the account of the remaining balance.

Requirement of Tabungan Simple IB

  • Cooperation agreement between School and Bankaltimtara Syariah has been made
  • Has proof of identity as WN
  • Berstatus PAUD students, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, Madrasah (MI, MTs, and MA), or equal
  • Under 17 Years old and have no ID
  • Complete the document, as follows:
    • KTP / SIM / Passport of Parent / Guardian is still valid.
    • Family Card / Birth Certificate.
    • Student Student Card / Certificate from School
  • Fill out and sign the application form / application for the opening of SimPel Savings Account approved by the parent / guardian / proxy, containing the following information / information:
    1. Student data and school data, consisting of:
      • Full name
      • Girl Name Mother Kandung
      • Place and date of birth
      • Home address
      • Home / Mobile Phone Numbers
      • School name
      • School address
      • Level of education
      • NIK / NISN / NIS (tiering)
      • Email address
    2. Data Parent / Guardian, consists of:
      • Name of Parent / Guardian
      • NIK
      • Employment and Occupation of Parent / Guardian
      • Telephone Numbers Parent / Guardian
      • Address of Parent / Guardian
      • Office address
  • There is an agreement clause from the parent / guardian for opening of account and transaction
  • School document verification checklist, consisting of:
    • Family Card or Birth Certificate
    • NIK / NISN / NIS
  • Parents / guardians may authorize the school (designated school officials) or other parties to open a savings account SimPel

Cost of Tabungan Simple IB

  • Administrative costs are not charged
  • Account Closing Fee: IDR 5,000, -
  • Dormant account penalty fee: IDR 1,000,/month