Smile Berkah

Definition of Smille Berkah

Smile Berkah is Financing to entrepreneurs engaged in micro sector.

Advantages of Smile Berkah

  • Low credit terms and Fast credit processing
  • The scheme used Akad Murabahah / buying and selling
  • Can be used for individual entrepreneurs or business groups
  • Credit period is long enough

Requirements of Smile Berkah

For Individuals

  • Indonesian citizen (WNI)
  • Age between 21/60 years old or already married
  • Attach proof of self in the form of ID card, KK and Marriage Letter (for married)
  • Certificate of need from the Village / Village (RT / RW), Market Office or local authority where the concerned sell / attempt

For Business Group

  • Business Group has been established and running well minimum 1 year
  • Business Group which is developed by other institution based on similarity of business type and location
  • Business Group consists of 5 to 20 members
  • Age of group members between 21 s / d 60 years or married
  • Attach proof of identity of group members be KTP, KK and Notification of a marriage (for those who are married) At least there is a business license from local authorities
  • At least there is a business license from local authorities

Conditions of Smile Berkah

  • Maximum financing period up to 60 months (5 years)
  • Limit Smile Financing Blessing maximum up to  IDR100 million
  • Cost as follows:
  • Administration fee is set at 1.5%
  • Insurance Fee (Soul and PSPU)
  • Warranty as follows:
  • The main guarantee is the financing guarantee from Perum Sarana Pengembangan Usaha (PSPU) maximum of 80%
  • Additional guarantee of assets or block of funds amounting to 20% of the financing ceiling

Margin Smile Berkah

Time PeriodMarginCalculation System
1 Year up to 5 Year16,00 % paAnuitas