Support Letter Bank

Support Letter Bank

Bank Support Letter is a financial support certificate issued by the Bank to customers for a specific purpose

The Bank Support Letter is not a binding commitment for the bank to realize it, as the realization of the support is entirely based on:

  • The results of the Bank's analysis of the feasibility of customers and projects if the customer has been designated as the winning bidder / appointed as the project implementer;
  • Taking into account the Bank's financial policies & performance

Regulations of Bank Support Letter

  • A current account and Simpeda Bankaltimtara savings account with minimum balance of Rp 1,000,000, - (one million rupiah)
  • Not listed in Bank Indonesia National Black List
  • Paying administrative fees:
    • Support - 1 Billion = IDR 250 Thousand
    • Support > IDR 1 Billion to IDR 5 Billion = IDR 500 Thousand
    • Support > IDR 5 Billion to 10 Billion = IDR 1 Million
    • Support > IDR 10 Billion = IDR 2 Million