TabunganKu iB

Excellence of TabunganKu IB

  • Free administration fee
  • Free lost / damaged book replacement cost
  • Wadiah bonus is calculated based on daily balance and is not progressive equivalent to a 10% ratio in accordance with applicable terms

Regulations of TabunganKu IB

  • Intended for individual customers
  • Minimum initial deposit of IDR20,000
  • The next minimum deposit of  IDR10,000
  • Account minimum balance IDR20,000

Requirement of TabunganKu IB


  • Copy of valid ID / SIM / Passport / KITAS
  • Submit NPWP (if any)
  • Not included in BI's national blacklist
  • Fill out and sign the application form

Special Student

For students under the age of 17 years, the required identity documents are:

  • Student's card or school certificate
  • Document identity & consent letter from the beneficial owner's parents consisting of:
  • One of the original duplicates / matches: KTP, SIM, Indonesian Passport belonging to the beneficial owner
  • Duplicate according to the original birth certificate / duplicate according to the HO which has the customer's name as a family member
  • The name shown on the savings account uses the appropriate name on the student card / letter from the school

Limit of TabunganKu IB


  • Draw cash IDR5.000.000,00 / day
  • Transfer to fellow Bank accounttimes IDR30.000.000,00 / day
  • Transfer between Banks IDR7.500.000,00 / day


  • Prime Debit IDR10.000.000,00 /day

Cost TabunganKu iB

Cost AdministrationFree
Closing Cost AccountIDR.20.000/account
Fine Dormant BalanceIDR.2.000/transaction