UMKM Micro Loan

UMKM Micro Loan

UMKM Micro Loan is credit or financing from Bank to finance investment and / or working capital (cash loan) given to productive business owned by individual, group and / or individual business entity fulfilling criteria as Micro Business as regulated in law and / or regulations concerning micro-enterprises.

UMKM Micro Loan Business Excellence

  • The process is quick and easy,
  • A mild credit requirement,
  • Competitive interest rate credit
  • Collateral does not have to be certified,
  • Free penalty fee for accelerated repayment,
  • Installment payment facility through autodebet

Regulations of Micro Business Loan

  • Credit period is quite long to 3 years
  • Maximum Credit Plafond is IDR50.000.000, - (fifty million rupiahs) and minimum IDR5.000.000, - (five million rupiahs).

Requirements of Micro Business Loan

  1. Individual. Indonesian citizen and domiciled in Indonesia
  2. Debtor age:
    • The minimum age of the debtor is 21 years or is married and maximum 60 years at the time of submission of credit
    • The maximum age of the debtor is 65 years when the credit facility terminates or can be covered by the insurance until the credit term expires
  3. Have experience / business at least 1 (one) year in a row where its earnings can be verified truthfully by Bank officer.
  4. Have savings in BANK or willing to open savings in BANK if you do not have and authorize the debit of such account to BANK in order to pay the credit installment obligation.
  5. Submit the documents as per the requirements of the Bank and fill out the application form for the loan.

Interest Rate

1MICRO LOAN up to IDR 50 MILLION15,50%FloatingAnuitas